Social Media Marketing Tricks You Need to Know in 2020

Social Media Marketing

There are numerous advantages to a proper, meticulously planned social media marketing campaign. On the other side of the same coin, there are many grave mistakes one can make on this front. Indeed, correct digital marketing on social media can foster brand loyalty and ensure continued success. Should it fail, it can also damage a brand’s image and credibility, and thus impact sales. It’s often a fine line to walk, and knowledge is strength. So, with that in mind, here are some social media marketing tricks you need to know in 2020.

Why social media marketing is more relevant than ever in 2020

It’s no exaggeration that, in just over a decade, the internet has surged in popularity as a household asset. Just 16% of the world’s population was using it in 2005, a number that skyrocketed to over 53% by 2019. In raw numbers, that’s over 3 billion people, which is a staggering potential audience pool.

Social media marketing
Social media marketing has become a prominent branch of digital marketing in recent years, and understandably so.

By extension, a vast majority of said users also use social media. In 2019, Hootsuite placed the number of internet users at 4.388 billion, and social media users at 3.484 billion. In essence, over 70% of internet users, and roughly 45% of the world’s population, use social media. And as Generation X and each subsequent generation become ever more tech-savvy, both of those numbers are bound to increase. Therefore, social media marketing steadily becomes, in turn, an alluring, blooming industry, in 2020 and beyond.


Social media marketing tricks you should know

If the aforementioned factors haven’t convinced you yet, social media marketing is also cheaper compared to traditional media. In terms of cost per thousand impressions (CPM), it’s massively cheaper and more effective than TV, press, or radio. Lyfe marketing estimates it costs half than even billboards, the cheapest means of advertising today.  

So how can you effectively harness the power of social media advertising in 2020?

1.   Find and consolidate your tone

Your brand’s social media presence needs to meet a few criteria at once. Namely, it must:

  • be appropriate for your product or service
  • be unique and memorable
  • have a relatable, human element
  • be consistent across channels

Therefore, you should try to tick all four boxes at once, while monitoring your efforts’ success. There are a few ways to do so, but the following should be safe steps regardless.

Determine an ideal tone for social media marketing

First, you should figure out how your brand should come across. Being “appropriate” in tone does not mean being strictly professional; it can certainly be humorous, snappy, or otherwise unconventional. Wendy’s witty social media persona should be a good example of this. It does mean, however, that it should be fitting for your product or service. Unlike a restaurant chain, it may be too risky for, say, a pharmaceutical company to employ humor.

Balance character and authenticity with professionalism

Then, you should consider how much of a human element is both appropriate and beneficial to your brand. In 2016, Sprout social’s survey gauged “annoying actions brands take on social media”, and a lack of personality came third. However, it came close to “using slang and jargon” (2nd place) and “trying to be funny when they’re not” (4th). Therefore, you should try to establish a unique personality, while also avoiding said pitfalls.

Consolidate your social media marketing communications

Lastly, you should ensure your tone and personality are consistent across all channels of communication. If you’re engaging in multi-channel digital marketing campaigns, it is vital to be consistent in how you present your brand. Being witty on one social media platform and strictly professional on another will confuse your audience and hamper your efforts.

2.   Refine your audience

Both your tone, as discussed above, and your social media marketing content itself hinge on your intended target audience. Your brand may have a local or global reach, your product or service may appeal to specific demographics, and so on. Therefore, it is vital to map out your ideal target audience and fine-tune both your tone and content accordingly.

Identify your key demographics

All relevant information on your key demographics is vital. From age, gender, and ethnicity, to education, employment, and income, and everything in-between, all information is useful. Be sure to identify your demographics as accurately as possible, since that will inform much of your social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing
Facebook’s platform facilitates communities, which can be an invaluable marketing tool.

Don’t be afraid to use Google Forms and similar tools to create surveys and gather information if you need to. Your audience will appreciate the engagement.

Engage with your audience

For that matter, engagement can do more than foster brand loyalty. Respond to comments, enquires, and concerns, and try to build a community around your platform. Users will appreciate the effort as they hang out and share experiences, while you understand them better as they do. Make sure to have share buttons on your site as well. That way, your site can drive users to your social media and vice versa.

3.   Consistently deliver engaging content and events

Lastly, it is of paramount importance that your social media marketing content is valuable and engaging. Time-limited events also incite urgency, which can in turn increase engagement.

Deliver value

First and foremost, valuable content incites engagement. Audiences find direct, clear, and accurate content to be valuable, and thus interact with it more. Try to infuse content with personality, as outlined above, but make sure your audience doesn’t get uninteresting content.

Use video wherever possible

social media marketing
Visually stimulating content is very effective, which makes Instagram an appealing platform for social media marketing campaigns.

Graphs and images can stimulate audiences, but nothing beats video content in this front. Naturally, some social media platforms may not facilitate video content as easily as others. Regardless, you should try to use such content as blogs, interviews, tutorials, or whatever else your brand can produce. According to Cisco, a vast majority of consumer traffic comes from video content, and the trend will likely continue strong.

Host events

Lastly, time-limited events can be both very beneficial and very easy to carry out. Don’t shy away from giveaways, sweepstakes, and other timed events. Post thought-provoking questions or challenges where appropriate, and encourage your users to share them. Users tagging, mentioning, or otherwise referring their friends to your posts and events can only help. This way, your social media marketing campaign can both increase brand awareness and generate leads, which boost sales.

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