Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra review

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 series is out officially. Samsung has introduced the Note20 and Note20 Ultra, and in this blog, we are going hands-on with the S-Pen-packing Galaxy for 2020.

The Galaxy Note20 retains its exclusivity on a few of the camera bits. The periscope telephoto is what you will not get on the Note20. It’s a different module compared to the one on the S20 Ultra. The Note20 has a similar 64MP for zooming in and has non-telephoto telephoto as well.

The “108MP Nona-cell primary cam” is an Ultra-only feature, which appears to carry over from the S20 Ultra. Same aspect with the smaller Note’s 12MP primary shooter that you can have on the S20 and S20+.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note20 – Major Catch

The Ultra has the protection of the new Gorilla Glass Victus back, and front and Note20 has a stainless steel frame. Oddly, the Note20 comes along with a plastic back that we have not seen in a while on a Samsung’s high-end handset.

Both Note 20 and Note 20+ get the S Pen, and this much is still guaranteed. It has been moved to the phone’s left, and this is a major change from every previous generation. Samsung Galaxy Note20 is revealed with added gestures and has improved latency for a pen-on-paper-like feel. While on the Ultra the vanilla model doesn’t have either.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 – Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is out with the looks like the S20 Ultra’s camera ecosystem at first look. It has got

  • the 108MP main shooter,
  • the big-pixel fixed-focus ultra-wide, and
  • the periscope telephoto.

Also, Note20 has got a big hump too. For most of the parts, it is the same, and there are differences too.

The significant fact about Galaxy Note20 is the periscope telephoto. If we go back, the S20 Ultra got a 48MP Tetracell sensor right behind a 4x zoom lens. This is the native zoom level, and it does default to a 5x zoom if you tap the single tree button in the viewfinder. Galaxy Note20 has got a huge sensor relating to telephoto cam at 1/2.0″, and the lens’ f/3.5 aperture is not super impressive and it is a non-issue in practice.

Galaxy Note20 Ultra – Camera

The new telephoto module present in the Note20 Ultra has a bit of change. It substitutes the Tetracell sensor with a traditional 12MP one. However, it bumps the native zoom level to 5x, and the lens aperture is wider at f/3.0. The aperture coincidentally matches with the Oppo Find X2 Pro’s periscope. We’re not sure how to feel as the numbers don’t necessarily guarantee better performance. You can check how the Note20 Ultra’s telephoto cam matches with the S20 Ultra’s.

Note20 Main Shooter

The main shooter of Note20 Ultra comes from the S20 Ultra. It utilizes the 108MP Nona-cell sensor, a big 1/1.33inch imager that provides the output of 12MP shots via binning nine 0.8µm pixels into 1, with proprietary processing magic happening in the process. The camera is paired with a stabilized, 26mm-equivalent focal length lens with an f/1.8 aperture.

Wide Angle Camera

There is the Ultra wide-angle cam, and that is lifted from the S20s. It is like a 12MP unit along with big 1.4µm pixels behind an f/2.2 aperture lens with a 120-degree view. Sadly, there’s no autofocus on this module.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Samsung has added Laser AF that assist nearby focusing. The Galaxy S20 Ultra had poor focusing related to close range. Therefore, the change is warmly welcome, and in our experience, it changes things for the better.

Vanilla Note20

A 12MP primary camera with a wide 1/1.76″ sensor and massive 1.8µm individual pixels. This has Dual Pixel autofocus, unlike the 108MP unit on the Ultra. It matches the Ultra main cam’s focal length equal to 26mm and aperture at f/1.8 and encapsulates OIS as well.

The actual telephoto module is absent on the Note20. Instead, the 64MP and 29mm ‘telephoto’ module is there for zooming in, achieving Samsung’s 3x hybrid zoom. It does work, and we have seen this on the S20s.

Video Recording

Samsung has made a big deal in the Galaxy S20 family’s capability for 8K video recording. That has been carried over to the Galaxy Note20 pair, though it remains restricted to 24fps. The 24fps modes have now made part of 4K and 1080p as well, as is 120fps capture in Full HD.

In addition to the video, the recording area is the expansion of the Pro Video mode to incorporate further advanced controls. The key control is the zoom speed controller that allows you to do slow cinematic zooms and dramatic rapid pull-ups.


Displays always have been among the major selling points of Samsung phones. Both panels give super high peak brightness of 1,500nits. This is a 25% increase over the Galaxy S20s just six months ago. The 1500nits is useful for displaying HDR10+ content and will be helpful for outdoor visibility.

The Galaxy Note20 6.9-inch display provides a 1440x3088px resolution along with 496ppi density in the unorthodox 19.3:9 aspect ratio. It’s branded as Dynamic AMOLED 2X, and the Note20 Ultra does go up to 120Hz, complete with 240Hz touch sampling.

S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has adopted a 120Hz screen that enhances the S Pen experience. As per Samsung, it has improved the latency with which the Note20 recognizes and displays your S Pen input, and it’s now 9ms from the old Note’s 42ms, making an even more paper-like feel.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Further to S Pen, Samsung has come up with improved handwriting recognition, straightening of pre-written text, PDF imports, new background templates and colors, PowerPoint integration, audio-synced annotations, and syncing between various platforms and devices.

Wrap Up

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Note20 have arrived after so much anticipation and the usual stream of leaks. The S Pen flagships are not massive surprises and will remain on shortlists for Samsung fans.

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