All you need to know about PlayStation 5 Price, Release Date and Design

Play Station 5

Playstation 5 Price, Release Date and Design

The Sony PlayStation 5 has been fully revealed, and it’s incredible. For the past few months, we’ve had plenty of speculation about the Sony PlayStation 5 prices, Play station 5 design and PlayStation 5 release date, etc. However, we now know everything.

We have had the design revealed, the hardware, the specs, and the features in the launch titles. So, today we’re going to be covering it all if you’re looking forward to the Sony PS5 and let me know in the comments section if you are going to be buying the PlayStation 5, the Xbox series X, or maybe both.

PlayStation 5 Launch Event

We also had a preview of games in the launch event, and after the report said that the event might be games, only the PlayStation 5 reveal at the end. It was a welcome surprise. They showcased small clips of lots of anticipated games. Whether you like them or not, they demonstrated some incredible graphical improvement. The new PlayStation 5 has some advanced features for in-game, graphics, and effects. But we’ll go over them in more detail shortly.

PlayStation 5 – A Big Divide

There seems to be a big divide between people that love the new playStation version and those who hate it. Like always, there is plenty of memes floating around comparing it to things like a Netgear router, an expensive campus design, a duck’s beak, and my personal favorite the five stages of the PS5 pregnancy. Whether you loved it or hated, it is refreshing to see a significant shift in PlayStation 5 design from the predecessor. For them not to be afraid of doing something new, the console and the controller design fit very well together. We will, of course, be giving two versions of the PlayStation 5. We’re getting one with the disk drive and one without.

PlayStation 5 Design Leak

Personally, I would be going for the digital version as it is slimmer, and it’s got the symmetry that its larger counterpart is missing. The console can be stored upright or on its side, and to be fair, the design they have come for it looks like it’s going to allow for decent airflow at the top of the fins to aid with the cooling system.

We get a new controller along with the PlayStation 5, which is also incredible, and it’s got some decent improvements over the DualShock. The dual sense controller coming with the PlayStation 5 uses a new haptic feedback technology and adaptive triggers. The adaptive triggers allow the PlayStation 5 controller to adjust resistance for different gameplay effects of trying and creating a more immersive experience. The dual sense controller on the PlayStation 5 also features a built-in microphone and a USB type-c port. We also get a slightly more rounded design, and this is to assist with grip and button controls. We have even gone for a mostly two-tone color scheme that goes well with the PlayStation 5 design. The share button has been renamed to the create button. This is reportedly going to allow new ways for players to develop gameplay content to share with the PS5 world. Sony hasn’t given any details on exactly how this is going to work. But I imagine it’s some sort of clipping or replays feature that will save the last 30 seconds or minutes of footage.

The last change we have got is the PlayStation button, which is now a cutout of the PlayStation logo and not just a button. Overall, the PlayStation five controllers have remained the same and similar to the predecessor. However, it still got a few improvements and minor upgrades to please fans.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation vs Xbox

There’s plenty of arguments when it comes to a PlayStation vs. Xbox. I tend to sway towards Team Xbox, but I do prefer the PlayStation five design. I mean, it’s sleek, and it’s modern looking. Whereas Microsoft has decided that they’re just going to slap components inside a box, add some vents and stick a green LED.

PlayStation 5 Specs

We have already given details of internal specifications, and they’re a massive improvement on the predecessor. One of the most requested specs that Sony has delivered on is the solid-state drive. For those unaware, solid-state drives are much faster than conventional hard drives, and they reduce load times considerably. Developers requested this not only to speed and upload times but actually to increase the in-game immersion. It allows developers to focus on the virtual world without having to worry about loading, getting in the way of the experience.

Now when it comes to the graphics processing in audio, Sony has also done a great job. After teaming up with AMD, they’ve delivered a great overall set up. The GPU in the PS 5 is a custom RDNA 2 chip from AMD. It has been heavily optimized for the performance of the custom rDNA to the chip has the logic and feature set that was used in the PlayStation 4. and the PlayStation 4 pro. That means there will be backward compatibility.

PlayStation 5 is always running at maximum capacity, and the power draw won’t change. The GPU is capped at 2.2 3 GHz., which translates to 10.28 teraflops and 36 compute units. So, as we’ve seen, this delivers us some tremendous visual performance when it comes to the CPU. Sony is trying to create more immersion by introducing volume changes as well as phase shifts. Within the game, PlayStation 5 is using a custom 3d audio system powered by the tempest engine. It can deal with complex audio processing and generate 3d audio effects to all gamers, regardless of their sound hardware.

So, whether it’s headphones TV, or soundbar they are using, they should still benefit from the effects. PlayStation 5 is coming with 16 gigs of RAM, which is G DDR 6 and 256 bit. The internal storage will be at 825 gig SSD, but they will allow expandable storage. Expandable storage is going to be via an NVME slot for the PlayStation 5 games. It’s also going to have a USB hard drive support, but this is going to be for Play station 4 games only.

PlayStation 5 is also capable of 8k – the graphical power was also well demonstrated in the launch event. It showed us how good the next-gen PlayStation 5 is going to be.

PlayStation 5 Price

Now when it comes to pricing the PlayStation 5’s price is predicted to be $500 in the USA and $450 in the UK. The price is a prediction by analysts, given the timing and the hardware inside the consoles.

PlayStation Release Date

Sony has confirmed the PlayStation 5 is going to be released in the holidays of 2020 as expected. So we will be seeing it at the end of the year and most definitely before Christmas. Consoles are always released at this time to take advantage of the boosted Christmas sales. So, this was still to be expected.

Where can you Pre-order your PlayStation 5?

Here are the platforms from where you can preorder your PS5:

  • com – World’s largest eCommerce retailer with the strongest and reliable distribution. Surely they will be selling the PS5!
  • BestBuy – Best Buy Pre-Order Notify Page
  • com – Sony will most likely offer pre-orders.
  • com – They once went short of PS4.
  • com – Highly likely.
  • com – Membership has the benefits.


I would like to know your thoughts in the comments as to who is waiting for the Sony Play station 5, and what do you think of this new design?

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