Make Money of over $100,000 with these Nine Programming Languages

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If you want to make money online as a programmer, it depends on your skill level.

To work as a programmer in the USA can land you a six-figure salary. However, there are a few more in-demand programming languages. Stack Overflow, a website that is based on Q&A for developers with 50 million unique visitors monthly, surveyed around 65,000 developers to ask about what languages they use, their salaries, and more. From the collected data, it gathered a list of the programming languages linked with the highest salaries.

While top money-making programming languages are overly loved, some made it onto Stack Overflow’s list of dreaded languages. Perhaps high salaries compensate for having to work with languages, which most developers don’t want to use.

The survey depicted developers’ median salaries in the US and worldwide. So, Stack Overflow converted currencies to USD using

  • The exchange rate on 2nd February 2020,
  • Assumed 12 months of work, and
  • 50 working weeks for yearly salaries.

The survey was taken before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic in March. Various routines and challenges around remote work might have impacted developers’ choices. However, we will have to wait until the next survey to see how, if at all.


Apple launched ‘Swift’ programming language in 2014. From then, swift language is among the fastest-growing programming languages. Swift makes it simpler to build iOS apps on desktop and mobile, and it’s becoming common for AI applications too. Developers of Swift make a salary of around $125,000 in the US and $58,000 globally.

Uber, Square, Airbnb, the meditation app Calm, and almost 500,000 other apps on the Application Store are partially on Swift.

C- Language

C language is among the oldest programming languages and still is the most popular today. An American computer scientist Dennis Ritchie developed C in 1972. C developers earn a salary of $125,000 in the US and USD 50,000 globally.

This programming language is a general-purpose language for programming a wide range of hardware and computer systems. Several popular languages, including PHP, Java, and JavaScript, have their roots in C.


Rust is a fast and reliable programming language. Developed by Mozilla, it is efficient with its memory and also prevents several bugs. Rust developers earn an average salary of $74,000 globally and $130,000 in the USA.

Today, this programming language is used in web services such as Dropbox, Firefox, and Amazon. It can also run on networking services and hardware devices. Rust is also one of the fastest-growing programming languages, as per GitHub, which recorded a growth of 235% in 2019. Developers love it, and it topped Stack Overflow’s rundown of “most loved” programming languages five years on a trot.


Ruby developers make money around $71,000 globally and $130,000 in America. It is an open-source programming language that was created by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto. Matz blended the best components of his favorite languages to produce it.

A captioned programming language was available in 1995. Since then, it stands out among the most popular programming languages, with various meetups and conferences based on the Ruby language.


Perl is like a family of programming languages, which is more than 30 years old. Worldwide, it is the highest paying programming language, as developers make an average salary of $76,000. In America, Programmers of Perl make money of around $130,000 yearly.

Captioned language helps with large scale projects, prototyping, system administration, text manipulation, network programming, web development, and more.


Kotlin was the brainchild of the software tools organization JetBrains, which helps developers write Android apps faster and in an efficient way. Today, in the US, Kotlin developers earn a median salary of $130,000. Globally, it’s not that popular, and Kotlin developers make money around $54,000.

Kotlin is similar to older languages like Java and is also suitable for developing Android apps. However, it is more modern and demands less code writing. It also entails features that help developers avert common programming mistakes.

Kotlin is now an official language for Android development and the race of the fastest-growing programming languages. As per GitHub, it grew by 182% in 2019. Today, giants like Google, Atlassian, and Square use Kotlin frequently.


Objective-C is a C programming language, and it’s among the primary programming language for Apple programmers to build its OS X and iOS operating systems. Developers of Objective-C earn an average salary of $135,000 in the US and $64,000 worldwide.

Objective-C is the best for developing iOS apps. It was commercially available in the 1980s for the NeXTSTEP operating system.


Google developers developed ‘Go’ in 2007 and launched in 2009. Go developers make a median salary of $140,000 in the US and $74,000 globally.

Go is modeled after ‘C language’ and is used to write reliable and straightforward software. According to GitHub, Go is used by several of Google’s production systems and is among the fastest-growing programming languages.


It is a short form of Scalable Language and was first developed by German computer scientist Martin Odersky. Scala developers earn a median salary of $150,000 in the US and $76,000 globally.

This programming language is used by developers of Java, an older and popular programming language. Developers utilize Scala to bring productivity, reliability, and scalability to their business applications and avoid common bugs.

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