How To Make Money From Blog In 2020 – A Beginner’s Guide

make money from blog

Make Money From Blog

How to make money from a blog in 2020 is a burning question these days, especially in this pandemic situation. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital world has changed in a jiffy.

Do you know? Each month, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages. Therefore, many people are searching to make their website so they can make money online from blogging.

Skills that were required a couple of years before are not needed anymore. So, you cannot make money online by offering those skills. New services have supplanted those skills. Freelancing is a growing phenomenon and individuals are opting to work online as a freelancer. They are ready to give up their full-time employment.

It is expected that nearly 50.9% of the US population will work as freelancers in the next decade.

Freelancing does not mean providing services as a website designer, web developer, or video editor. It implies you can fill in as a freelancer by running your blog as well.

The content on your blog is equivalent to the value of oil. In today’s world, data has a tremendous demand and value. You can make money from a blog substantially. All significant search engines need information. Individuals need data and mindfulness through content. Accordingly, how to make money from your blog can never be underestimated.

It is the best and ideal opportunity to ask, “How to make money from my blog”? Utilize your time by writing articles, gather traffic, and make money.

-How to Choose your Niche to Make Money from a Blog

To become a blogger, you can pick various niches for your blog to be adapted to make money. You can expound on health, amusement, science, and politics, and so on. You ought to pick a certain niche. You need to select the niche on which you feel comfortable and have authority over that subject.

For instance, Tech Crunch is one of the world’s biggest innovation blog. It is tremendous because it has the authority and resources to cover the most recent technology news from everywhere. The main thing is people trust in the story published on this blog.

While offering innovation news from everywhere throughout the world, the blog makes substantial money too.

How to Bring Traffic to Make Money from a Blog

The traffic on your blog comes from search engines. If proper keywords in the blog posts are used, traffic will be directed to your blogging website. When you post a lot on your blog regarding any particular subject, search engines like Google start to observe you as an authority.

Google starts to rank you for the keywords you use or target. Without traffic, the article or blog post has zero value. The reason is the content on the post is only meaningful if people are viewing or reading it.

Along with search engines, traffic originates from social media. It incorporates LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Through social sharing, individuals start to relate to your blog. In the end, you make money online with your reader’s brand loyalty with your blog.

-Importance of Social Media to Make Money from Blog in 2020

Social media statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing. That equates to about 45% of the current population

make money from blog

Via social media, if you can give value and draw in your audience, they start to visit your blog regularly. They remain excited about new content on your blog.

Once that excitement and commitment build, you will gradually realize how to make money from blog.  The point is to provide your reader with acceptable content by composing a great article, create high engagement, and money will start to flow naturally.

By now, three basic guidelines have been established to earn money from the blog.

  • You need to have great content for audience engagement to make money
  • You need to be picked by search engines
  • You should have excellent or substantial social media engagement

However, here is a point;

How to make money from your blog is not an easy question to reply to. You need some tools to start doing it. You may have every tool you need. However, if you are unaware of using them properly, or are too angry, over-stressed, or don’t have patience, success would be a far cry.

Why Bloggers Strugglemake money from blog

Many bloggers give up when they come to know how difficult blogging is. Because they don’t know to maintain a required balance between the audience and the content.

When you feel like quitting, stop complaining. Instead, work hard on finding the magic and power in your words. The power of words is the critical essence to engage your audience that brings you traffic.

How to Make Money from Blog – The Process

It is not that difficult if you do blogging each day by writing, editing, read different blogs, and make some conversations. These will aid in feeding your brain with information. To earn money from blog is something that one can do from home. Also, you need not put any restrictions on how much money you can earn or make. However, it is useful if you grasp how, to begin with, the blogging process:

  • Create a blog.
  • Start by crafting useful content.
  • Search your readers.
  • Build traffic through the audience.
  • Start making money from your blog.

How to Start a Blog

If you consider bringing in cash from blogging, it requires you to create a blog or a blogging website. The way toward creating a blog may be overwhelming. However, numerous steps can kick you off. Start with selecting your blogging platform and afterward arrange your blog.

The following two sites are the ideal platforms to create your blog:

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

make money from blog

Once you do that, the next step is to design it. With a blogging platform, you can publish your content on the web as the blog is set up on the internet. Now you need to sign up, make your account, compose the blog post, and publish it.

The blog has been created, what’s next?

Create Traffic Generating Content

When you create a blog, it should have quality content. Content is what brings you money because “Content is king.”

With quality content, your audience gets engaged. They get value in it because they repose trust in you and perceive you as an authority over your niche. It is the way to bring consistent traffic to your blog and make money online.

If you need to find the keywords that your potential reader is searching on Google, there are many platforms. The best resource for a beginner is the famous internet marketer Neil Patel’s website.

make money from blog

This website is a tool to search for keywords for your blog. The keyword tool also gives you a fair idea about the competition, volume, and the money (CPC) that is on offer, for a particular keyword.

Use Eye-catching Pictures on your Blog Posts

A blog without a picture is a house without a roof. As a blogger, you need to use pictures that are royalty-free and do not need any credits given to the photographer. One such great resource is

Pexels has thousands of royalty-free pics that you can use on your blog post. Don’t forget, and an image must reflect the blog post.

Grow your Audience

You need to construct your quality, add worth, and curate connections that you build through your readership.

Bear in mind, the more prominent the content and incredible words utilized in your blog post, the higher the odds of engagement, social sharing, and curating brand loyalty.

The best method to search for your audience is the Google search engine. Use keywords in your article individuals are searching for. Do internal linking with your other blog posts, and outbound linking with the external high authority sites.

The external site must have the post composed similar to your topic subject.

Engage with your Audience

When you begin to make a decent quality blog, you start to see individuals who visit your blog and draw in with the content you post. This is the point you have to engage in with your readers by reacting to comments, reaching them, and doing everything that makes them your regular visitors.

Via social networking, surveys, and asking inquiries gives them a feeling of responsibility for your brand. Your engagement rate increases to your blog posts when your readers’ invite their companions to join the discussion.

Another method of building engagement with your audience is by offering a newsletter on your blog.

make money from blog

When individuals give you their email address it implies, they trust you, need to hear more from you. If they like the bulletin content, they share it in their circles, which builds your viewership.

How to Monetize or Make Money from your Blog

After posting quality content, getting readers, and building engagement with your readers, give yourself a realistic chance to make money from your blog.

Are you thinking, how to make money from my blog?

Well, various websites offer the best CPM for bloggers. However, the best and popular pick is Google AdSense.

AdSense is Google’s partner program, which you can get by signing up on their site. The recipe for partnership is straightforward.

Sponsors are searching for a digital audience to watch their promotions. If they can discover significant traffic on your blog, you get paid well. These advertisers’ offers are very enticing. They pay well and could be your massive source of income.


This was all you need to know about making money from blogs in 2020. Follow these steps and GOOD LUCK!

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