How to turn on dark mode on iPhone and iPad

dark mode on iPhone

Dark Mode on iPhone And iPad

The Dark Mode on iPhone gives users control over their gadgets by a darker color palette than the default version. Dark theme is not only easier on the eyes, but it can provide real-life health benefits, including good sleep. So, the question arises on how to turn on dark mode on iPhone?

Need to test out Dark Mode for yourself? Follow the guidelines below to initiate Dark Mode in iOS and change Apple’s white foundation into something more acceptable.

What is Dark Mode

While it might seem like a path for your iPhone to remember your clumsy high school years, it’s far less complicated than that. Basically, it’s a color swap for your telephone’s working system. The dark mode is changing iOS’ conventional eye-singing light backgrounds to a darker tone, which means your telephone’s screen is less bright. In that capacity, it’s the ideal mode for the night, when you don’t need a brilliant white shine sparkling at you.

Google has been bringing Dark Mode into its applications, and Android Q is set to include the dark mode on the system-wide basis; iOS does likewise. This implies you will have the option to turn on the mode to change your iPhone theme. However, Apple’s own applications and supported applications will show a darker theme, as well.

However, it’s imperative to take note that this mode won’t decrease blue light. It’s supposed your body responds to blue light from your cell phone show; similarly, it returns to daylight. So, the exposure can hinder your capacity to sleep appropriately. Just a blue light filter will decrease blue light.

How to Turn on Dark Mode

dark mode on iPhone


dark mode on iPhone

It is simple to turn on iOS’ Dark Mode. Just go to your Settings app, then tap Display & Brightness. Apple has made Dark Mode visible under the Appearance header. Now, you can briskly choose between Dark and light by tapping either image.

Immediately, the change will happen. Now, if you go towards one of Apple’s apps, like Safari, you will see the internet browser has taken on a darker color.

How to turn on dark mode on Automatic Toggle

dark mode on iPhone

Want bright shine with a light theme, but shift to the darker mode when the sun goes down? There is no such requirement to dive into the settings frequently. You can set the ‘automatic toggle’ to surf between the two when you think the time is right.

To set this up, once again, go into your Dark Mode settings via tapping Settings > Display and Brightness. At that point, tap the toggle via Automatic to turn on the automatic toggling. The mode, by default, sets to Sunset to Sunrise, and you can change that by tapping the Options field below the Automatic toggle. Dawn to Sunset will turn on Dark Mode when the sun goes down — as found out by your GPS area. Else, you can hit Custom Schedule to set your own Dark Mode plan.

An Easy Method to Turn on Dark Mode on iPhone or iPad

If you want to avert all of the steps as mentioned earlier any to switch on iPhone Dark Mode, you can add ‘Smart Invert’ to the Accessibility Shortcuts. In order to add Smart Invert to your iPhone’s Accessibility Shortcuts;

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap General -> Accessibility
  • Then scroll down further and tap Accessibility Shortcut.

Now tap the option Smart Invert Colors to add Accessibility Shortcut. You will see it has been incorporated when the small check displays to the left of it.

dark mode on iPhone

Now, triple-click the Home button to access your Accessibility Shortcuts and toggle iPhone Dark Mode on or off. Press Smart Invert to switch on Dark Mode on iPhone from Accessibility Shortcuts.


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