How to Get Dark Mode for Android in Three Steps

Dark mode for android

Dark mode for android

One of the new features that Google has launched is the “Dark Theme.” There is a new android update, and everybody is roaming with a question in mind “How to get dark mode for Android”?

Android 10 phones now have the ‘dark theme’ live. It is basically a dark mode for the whole gadget that flips the color palette of every menu and almost every native Google app, Chrome, and YouTube. The dark mode for android also works with a few 3rd party apps like Instagram and Reddit. The list of android supported apps is expected to expand soon.

Why Get Dark Mode for Android?

Google also says that Dark Theme improves visibility for clients who are sensitive to bright screens or those with low vision. Additionally, it’s common practice to refrain from having a glaring smartphone screen in low-light conditions and around evening time. So, the dark mode may merit flicking it on at night.

Also, a few people lean toward a dark theme for their phone. Thus they may choose to use the mode all the time.


Dark theme is only available for Android 9 and 10. However, it is said to be available in future updates like Android 11 and beyond.

Now we are showing you how to get Dark Mode on for Android device. If you follow the steps, you will be able to get the dark mode with ease.

It’s worth remembering that certain smartphones have Android 10 right now. However, some user interfaces offer alternative dark theme imitations that you can use.

How to Get Dark Mode on Android 10

There are three ways to enable dark mode. We will run through every method step by step:

1st Method: Change in System Settings

Enable Dark Theme by your system settings. All you need is to tap the “settings” icon. It’s the small cog in the pull-down notification bar. Now hit ‘Display.’

Dark mode for android

You will see a toggle option for Dark Theme. Tap to activate, and you have got it up and running.

Dark mode for android

2nd Method: Quick Settings

If you have irritation regarding scrolling through your settings frequently, then you’ll love dark mode. There’s a lot speedier choice that includes sticking it to your Quick Settings. Quick settings option is the large tiles that show up when you pull down your notification bar.

Dark mode for android

To add the dark theme to your Quick Settings, pull your notification bar right down until you see a massive grid of tiles. You may need to pull down twice on the notification bar – you need

Dark mode for android

it to search the picture underneath. At that point, tap the pen symbol at the base of the drawer.

Hold and drag the Dark Theme symbol into the top organizer. The icon will be nearby your WiFi, Airplane Mode, and Battery Saver symbols, as appeared over (the Dark Theme symbol is the one in the upper right). If you drop it close to the highest point of the network, it will likewise show up in the slimmer icon bar that shows up the first time when you pull down your notification bar.

Press the ‘back button’ to exit. Now, you can turn on “Dark Mode” by pulling down the notification bar and pressing the icon.

Dark mode for android

3rd Method: Battery Saver Mode (Only for Pixel Phones)

Choosing the battery Saver option from the dropdown notification bar enables the dark mode for android automatically.


Since you have activated dark mode, you may enjoy your new look; potentially, improving your battery life. Dark mode for android will apply itself automatically to Gmail, YouTube, and Google Photos.

The dark theme will also work with an increasing number of third-party apps; however, some might need an extra step at your end.

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