Guide to choosing the right website platform for your business

right website platform for your business

Choosing the right website platform for your business

Selecting the right platform for your business website depends on what your business is about. Different platforms cater to different businesses, which is why choosing the right one is so important. Of course, it isn’t a catastrophic mistake if you pick a subpar one. But, if down the line you wish to revert to a better-suited platform, you will have to go through a whole lot of trouble. This is why it pays off to properly research different platforms and figure out whether it can help you make money online. Knowing this will assist you in picking the one best suited for your line of work.

To help you out, we will cover the current most popular platforms and give you a brief idea of what type of businesses they usually cater to.

WordPress – Bloggers, E-commerce

People often consider WordPress the most versatile website platform, and with good reason. With it, you can pretty much run any type of business website you desire. It supports a wide array of powerful plugins that can help you make and run your website as you see fit. While it does require a bit of tech-savviness to navigate, the interface is relatively easy to handle and intuitive to learn, so you should be comfortable running it after a while. If you wish to have a more elaborate website, you might need to hire a web developer, as your site has to be fast, intuitive, and safe.

A person working with a professional on a website.
With WordPress, you ought to have a professional help you out from the start.

With WordPress, you can easily create blog posts and optimize them for SEO. As you will learn, Search Engine Optimization is crucial for online presence and is something that you need to tackle from the start. Furthermore, WordPress allows you to run an online store and sell your products with ease.

Wix – Small businesses

If you are a small business owner who doesn’t have much money to spend on a website, Wix may be your best choice. Wix is perfectly suited for people who are not overly skilled in IT due to its simple design, intuitive interface, and drag-and-drop method. The good thing about it is that you won’t have to hire a professional to help you out, but the bad thing is that you will have limited design options. After all, as an amateur, you can only do so much when it comes to web design. But, if you cannot afford to hire a professional to make a website for you, or you simply don’t require a complicated website, Wix is the way to go.

Weebly – Small business

Weebly is also suitable for small businesses with limited budgets. While you will have limited customization options, you won’t have to worry about hiring professionals or getting costly plugins. Instead, Weebly gives you all the necessary tools needed to make a decent website. With Weebly, you will have the option to choose between different payment plans. If you want to spend a bit of money and go for the platinum option, you will get a free domain, web hosting, and an SSL certificate. So, even at its most expensive, Weebly gives you a way to bundle up your expenses and come out as thrifty.

A girl looking at her budget, showing what you'll have to go through when choosing the right website platform for your business.
A girl looking at her budget, showing what you’ll have to go through when choosing the right website platform for your business.

Shopify – E-commerce

While WordPress does offer suitable options for eCommerce, Shopify does a much better job at it. If you plan on running an online store, Shopify will be your best solution as it gives you the most options for the least amount of money. The whole platform is oriented around online shopping and gives you various ways to set up your online store. You will find an intuitive interface with many pre-made professional templates to choose from, so even with limited experience, you’ll be able to design a beautiful online store. By using it, you can skip third party payment processing, which makes running an online store much more manageable.

Squarespace – Art

If you are a creative designer trying to make a living out of art, Squarespace is the platform for you. Most professional designers, musicians, and artists use Squarespace as it is intuitive and easy to master. While you won’t have much freedom to customize, you will have more than enough space to showcase your work and find clients. The team behind Squarespace worked hard to promote it as a platform for young, creative people, which is why it is so popular and well-made. By opting for it, you won’t have to worry about optimization, website issues, or poor performance. Squarespace takes care of that so that you can focus on your work.

A girl creating art while having a laptop next to her.
Squarespace is the go-to choice for artists.

Final thoughts

After all of this, we hope that choosing the right website platform for your business will be a bit easier. A good idea is to consult with people from your line of work and see what their experiences are. More often than not, you can get valuable input that hasn’t crossed your mind. All of these platforms will enable you to create a beautiful website, especially if you study web design a bit. The important thing is to consider your budget and whether the platform can support your business even as it grows and develops.


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