Five Effective and Free YouTube Tools to Grow Your Channel

grow youtube channel with free youtube tools

After every minute 60 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube. Isn’t it amazing and mindboggling? And to master the art of getting a YouTube channel, you have to have knowledge of free YouTube tools.

As per the above stat, competition seems to be very high! However, the good news is that you can still succeed in this amazing platform despite getting high competition? In this blog, we are presenting to you five free YouTube tools that you can use to boost your channel and get new subscribers every day.

Mind you! We are not talking about paid subscriptions to grow your channel. If you are searching for that route, please stop here. We will not recommend you to do that. Instead, let’s begin to grow your channel organically.

Don’t know how or where to start? Here are the five super effective and free YouTube tools that will aid you in growing your YouTube channel today.

Grow Your YouTube Channel With These Free YouTube Tools

You can access this tool through their website

This is among the free YouTube tools that help you analyze and understand your videos and aids you in creating videos to rank and grow on YouTube. They have two services in this application.


The first application is analytics. Here you can see analytics in-depth, and it will display videos and your channel in a unique way than traditional analytics.

With it is easy to understand:

  • What type of videos to make,
  • How to rank,
  • How to promote and
  • How to grow your channel uniquely or differently.

Keyword also provides you a keyword tool that aids you in planning your next videos by searching trending topics or selecting your videos to emulate (or make similar videos) to grow.

You can pick a video from YouTube, and it will offer you the best titles and tags to rank.

This free YouTube tool will help you to grow your YouTube channel. is “invite-only,” It means if you need to check it out, you’ll require an invite link. You can access almost everything free in this tool to grow your YouTube channel.

Social Bluebook

Go and sign up for this free tool. Because what’s this tool is nice as it provides you the value of your YouTube channel!

For instance, if you need to sponsor any service or someone on your channel, you can do this with the help of Social Bluebook. You’ll also know what to charge.

Social Bluebook, a free YouTube tool

You can add your YouTube channel and watch your suggested value of making and uploading a video and advertising someone on your channel.

It is quite important if you need to sponsor someone and earn money on YouTube. – A free YouTube tool

use canva as free youtube tools

It is one of the rising and free tools to create YouTube channel arts, YouTube thumbnails, and any YouTube banner.

Canva contains a huge library of templates that you can pick from and edit whatever you want.

Canva provides a lot of tools, effects, features, photos, libraries, and templates to help you make an awesome YouTube thumbnail. The best part is that you can start for free.

If you wish to get unlimited templates, more images, more elements, and more effects; you can get that too. What you need is $11 per month for its paid version.

It’s a tool that is a must-have. It helps to create images for YouTube thumbnails and channel arts easily and effectively. In fact, quite a few images today are created with the help of Canva!


Next up in our list of five free tools to grow YouTube channel is TubeBuddy. This tool is among the best free YouTube tools to grow your channel and analyze your channel.

TubeBuddy provides a feature to log your keywords. If you give your keywords, it will offer a weekly report related to the keyword rankings on YouTube.

Tubebuddy also helps to grow your video SEO. Its A/B split test allows vital comparison between different thumbnails and analyzing which one will work better for future videos.

A/B split test is a must if you need to grow your YouTube channel organically. It is an awesome free tool and is highly recommended to everyone for the organic growth of a YouTube channel.

Fontjoy always helps you to choose different fonts if you need to create an awesome thumbnail. You only need to click on “generate” and it will provide you a combination of various fonts.

Check out some fonts and if you like any of them, you can access them and use them in your channel’s thumbnails. will redirect you to Google Fonts. From there, you can download the font family to use it in any software you create thumbnails with.

Bonus Free Tool: H-Supertools

This is among the best and fastest-growing YouTube applications. You can use it to help rank your YouTube videos better and earn more money.

YouTube keyword and SEO tool of H-Supertools helps you in two different things:

  • Content research – By this, your search and get various content ideas for your videos.
  • Keyword – It helps you in getting the top rank on YouTube by receiving the best keywords.

You can find or search for whatever keyword or topic you want. Actually, it is nice as it will give you month-wise volume and difficulty level for every searched keyword.

It is quite important to pick the right keywords with high CPC. So, you can grow or increase your Adsense revenue. Thus, be sure to access to help grow your channel.


So here are five super tools to grow your YouTube channel. I use them almost every day to grow my channel and these are highly recommended tools too. Various content creators use these free YouTube tools to get a growth of over 100%. So, please check them out.

If you have found this article helpful, make sure to tell us through the comments section below. Feel free to if you have to ask anything!

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