Your Ultimate Guide to Best Kodi Chinese Addons

best Kodi Chinese addons.

Even though streaming services like Netflix cater to the needs of Chinese movies and TV shows, however, we are still far from watching decent content. Therefore, Kodi helps a lot for online users. Thanks to some fantastic features and easy-to-install method, Kodi Chinese channels are rapidly becoming a popular source of content available in the Chinese language. So, we have decided to give you a list of the best Kodi Chinese addons.

The truth related to Kodi Chinese addon is there are a lot of them. All of them stem from unofficial Kodi Chinese channels, and you need to know where to search. Several Kodi Chinese channels don’t work or give a hard time while streaming media. Ultimately, you feel frustrated and give up continuing your search.

Therefore, articles like this are of massive help. If you read this piece till the end, you will learn about updated and fully working Chinese Kodi addons that you can install straight away.

Why you use Kodi Addon only with VPN

Using pirated Kodi Addons are Hazardous without a VPN:

A majority of Kodi users install the illegitimate Kodi Chinese addon on their laptops to access TV shows, sports, latest movies, music, and other content for FREE. However, they must go for a legal Kodi Chinese addons where it contains the least content.

Remember, the video content available on illegal Kodi addons are copyrighted material. If you access them on Kodi, then all your activities will be monitored by your ISP through IP tracking. Further, it gives all the scraped data to the government on request, and ultimately, you will land in trouble. To stay safe, you will need a VPN service where you can hide your identity by dodging your IP address while streaming Kodi Chinese movies. This is how you can save yourself from the curious eyes.

Bypass Geographic Restriction:

You would probably know, some official addons such as NBC Sports, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, IceFilms, etc., have geographic restrictions. This applies to some other addons too like Acestream which collects the data from torrents. To unblock limitations, you DEFINITELY need to use a VPN in any case.

Best Kodi Chinese Addons

Now, you have arrived at the list of the best Kodi Chinese Addons. You can use all of the coming addons to stream movies and access IPTV or Live Kodi Chinese channels. A few of them even go some steps further and allow you to stream live sports channels.

Let’s dive in to know our recommendations regarding Kodi Chinese repository:


You might wonder why CNTV Live is among the best Chinese Kodi addons? Well, the reason is it lets you watch live Chinese TV channels. There are more than 100 options, where the majority works without any problem. Also, the most popular channels like CCTV is in full HD.

CNTV Live is a simple Kodi addon that brings a concise and clear menu. You need to pick from four kinds of TV channels (Provincial, Digital, National, and City-Based). After clicking on the “live-stream” option, it begins playing after a few moments.

Panda TV

Next, we have Panda TV. This is for those interested in gaming, social media, and entertainment overall. This addon brings various on-demand yet nicely-organized content. You will find a few live-streams that seem works most of the time.

In case you tried Panda TV in the past, you probably had encountered issues to make it operational. However, Panda TV has resolved previous issues and is definitely worth taking a look.

Douyu TV

To end the list of recommendations with regards to Kodi Chinese repository, we have Douyu TV. This addon caters a younger audience in general because it is only about gaming. If you open Douyu TV, you will get a list of gaming options. A few of the popular games are Dota 2 and PUBG. In Douyu TV, you can get on-demand and live-streaming videos. Overall, there is a lot of content, and this addon works seamlessly.


DramaGO is one of a kind addon. The reason is this addon brings the latest movies to Kodi and TV shows. It features intuitive navigation, seamless working links, and provides an incredible content library. DramaGO’s content house is unparalleled in the world of Kodi Chinese addons.

Once you open, DramaGO shows loads of helpful options:

  • Recently Added Movies,
  • Movies A-Z,
  • Recently Added TV Shows,
  • TV Shows, A-Z, Genres, and more.

DramaGO also offers search functionality, and by this, you can easily find a particular title to open and watch. For every offered title, you get several mirrors to pick from.

Hardly there is a movie with broken links, and you can stream without problem such as buffering issues.

DramaGO is not only for Chinese speaking, and the majority of titles are with English subtitles. If you have an interest in Chinese cinematography, DramaGO is the way go to. This is undoubtedly one of the best Kodi Chinese movies addons and just imagine having such content library via Kodi on your smart TV.

Follow the steps for DramaGO installation:

1 – Download a ZIP file containing a repository that you require to install. Use the link to download the ZIP file to your pc.

2 – Click to open Kodi and click ‘addons’ in the main menu;

3 – Click ‘open box’ icon, on the top-left corner

4 – Choose ‘install from ZIP file. ‘

5 – A pop-up will open, and now you need to find your downloaded ZIP file. So, open your hard disk and discover the file. Click the file once you find it.

6 – After some seconds, a new repository should be installed on your Kodi. Now, click ‘install from repository’.

7 – Follow the path: dk-xbmc-repaddon > Video Add-ons > DramaGo.

8 – In the end, click on the ‘install’ button to finalize the process.

Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn covers TV shows and movies. It contains a huge media library and a few non-working links. In the past, Genesis Reborn used to have a section for international cinematography, but no, that is missing. To obtain Chinese content, the usual recommendation is using the search tool on the home page. You can type any movie’s name, or simply search for ‘China’, and you will receive a plethora of useful options. There are different choices every single link that means you will hardly encounter any malfunctioning file.


Genesis Reborn is incomplete without Incursion. Both addons are quite identical, and they share the same code too. However, both depend upon different sources. Therefore, you should use both Incursion and Genesis Reborn in unison on Kodi.

Incursion is a new Kodi Chinese addon that brings recent movies and TV shows. It brings an intuitive user interface with various sorting options. Unlike previous suggestions, this addon has a dedicated section for Chinese TV shows and movies. There are tens of titles, and all work great.


We believe that you’ll enjoy this addon since it gives you a smart combination of different genres with English and non-English content.


Here we conclude our list of Kodi Chinese addons. We hope this guide will allow you to fully enjoy different online content and to manage addons installation from our list. You can see, Kodi is an incredibly capable platform, and its choice of Kodi Chinese channels prove that. Whether you like to watch homeland’s movies and TV channels, or you love the Chinese culture, Kodi is your partner. Also, you can find amazing Kodi builds equipped with everything you might need.

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