7 Lesser known ways to achieve better results with marketing automation

achieve better results with marketing automation

Marketing automation has become somewhat of a buzzword in the marketing industry. There is a good reason for that: automated marketing brings many advantages. It can increase work productivity and decrease staffing costs, all while achieving measurable results in the form of sales.

However, if all you’ve done so far is sign up for some software and hope for the best, you’re probably not really seeing any improvement. If you want to achieve better results with marketing automation, you’ll need to treat it like any other marketing tool – as a part of a broader strategy tailored to your business. We will cover some of the lesser-known ways to properly utilize this tool and maximize its effectiveness.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to any practice or technology used to manage marketing processes and campaigns automatically. It is usually employed in digital marketing because it makes making money online easier. Automation in marketing happens in a wide variety of ways. Therefore, the term can refer to anything from auto-responses to customer emails to posting on social media to streamlining team communication in real-time.

Person preparing a marketing plan
Marketing automation helps you get better, faster, and more efficient.

Why do businesses usually achieve better results with marketing automation than without it?

Marketing automation has become very popular because it comes with a whole host of great benefits, including:

  • increased efficiency,
  • reduction in marketing costs,
  • better time management,
  • improved communication among staff,
  • consistency in marketing messaging across different platforms,
  • more effective targeting and lead generation, and more.

Since marketing automation is a broad term that covers many different marketing solutions, it can be applied regardless of which platform you choose for your business. This makes it suitable for all kinds of businesses in all kinds of industries. And with technology for automation developing rapidly, automated marketing is even becoming more affordable and accessible.

7 strategies that help you achieve better results with marketing automation

If you’ve decided to automate your marketing processes, then you’ll have all sorts of strategies to choose from. Not all will be suitable for your business, but many will. The key is choosing the right ones. Here are seven that yield great results and definitely deserve consideration:

#1: Save time on email campaigns

Probably one of the simplest forms of marketing automation is automating your e-mail inbox. You can automate both inbound and outbound emails. For inbound emails, you can set up filters that sort arriving mail by category – customer queries, sponsorship requests, partnership offers, etc. This will make your emails easier to sort through. But that’s just the beginning.

Automation can also help you set up email marketing campaigns in advance and send them out to all of your customers with just a click. Either way, you’ll save a lot of time by automating this aspect of marketing.

Gmail inbox page
Automate your email marketing to save time.

#2: Improve customer experience with automated newsletters, reminders, and responses

Emailing your customers from time to time will keep you fresh in their minds, update them about new products, and remind them to shop with you. You can set up automatic newsletters about offers or abandoned cart reminders to attract customers back to your website.

You’ll also want to set up an auto-response for when customers email you first. Even just letting them know that you’ve received their contact will make them feel appreciated and improve their experience.

#3: Become more active on social media

Social media is an excellent resource for business. It’s the perfect platform for marketing campaigns, lead generation, brand building, and interacting with customers. And with more people working from home right now, we’re spending more time than ever online. So it’s the perfect time to campaign on social media.

Unfortunately, you can’t spend all your time posting to Twitter or responding to comments on Facebook. But you can set up a system to do so for you. By automating your social media activity, you can increase online engagement without increasing your time spent on the computer.

#4: Improve teamwork and increase productivity

One of the best benefits of automation is that it frees up your employees to do other things. Instead of spending hours sending out emails, they can now work on other projects. Not only will they have more time, but they will also have more energy.

Through automation, you can even improve the communication between different teams. Some types of software allow your employees to either see what others are doing in real-time or communicate with them more easily. All this will have a positive effect on work productivity. Either way, if you want to be productive and achieve goals, automation is the way to go.

#5: Get better at targeting specific demographics

Not all of your customers will be equally interested in everything you offer. If you can divide your customer base into separate lists, you can tailor your marketing campaigns to specific demographics. This would, of course, be incredibly hard to do manually.

But customer relations management software, for example, can collect and sort through customer data automatically. Based on customer behavior, it can then create separate lists for customers of different interests. Then, you can target a specific demographic with your marketing campaign to increase your chances of success.

Google Analytics on a laptop screen
By nurturing relationships with customers, you get to know them better.

#6: Set up a library of dynamic content to draw from

Content is still the most important thing in marketing. Interesting, engaging, and relevant, it is what draws customers to your website. Unfortunately, this is one aspect of marketing you can’t automate.

A bot will never write content as well as a human will. But what you can do is make a collection of quality content that automation software will draw upon. To achieve the best results, make your content dynamic (or responsive). This will allow your automation software to use the same content across different platforms.

#7: Automation shouldn’t lead to depersonalization

Automating your marketing processes allows you to reach out to vast numbers of customers quickly, easily, and conveniently. But you mustn’t fall into the trap of thinking that every single customer should receive the exact same treatment. Personalized marketing is the best way to make a customer feel appreciated.

So if one of your customers was looking for places to visit in Pakistan, for example, telling them about US politics is unlikely to hit the mark. Instead, you should entice them with traveling tips, good restaurants in Islamabad, or something similar. This is where separate lists will come in handy.

To achieve better results with marketing automation, look to industry leaders

True marketing automation is relatively novel. So it’s understandable if you’re not yet an expert in the field. But what is the best way to learn more about the process? If you want to achieve better results with marketing automation, you should learn from the best. Do some market research on your competitors. Find out what they’re doing to automate their marketing processes and how successful they are. You can learn a lot from industry leaders and their practices.



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