5 Side Hustle Jobs you can do to make Money Online

make money online

While social distancing restrictions have been relaxed in a few areas, most of us are still in “staying at home” mode. That allows us to start an entrepreneurial journey to fulfill our dreams and make money online.

Today, side hustle from home is more flexible and makeshift than ever before. That flexibility suggests you have the chance to make money online without leaving your home. Here is a look at five side hustle ideas you can do entirely remotely.

Teach Virtually

make money online

Up till now, virtual calls have become a part of our daily lives. Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams are providing a massive way to keep people in touch remotely. Whether you are two blocks away or on the other side of a country, you can talk with ease. However, these software’s are also giving substantial opportunity for making money.

Consider something you’re energetic about or have a great deal of involvement in. Possibly you’re a specialist at cooking, or you genuinely appreciate carpentry. With individuals investing more energy at home, they’re anxious to learn and attempt new things. Give them that experience through a virtual class: a step by step instructional exercise on the most proficient method to cook your preferred recipe or art a wooden bowl.

Websites like Blueprint and Teachable offer the chance to create full-on courses. However, you can keep it more straightforward than that. Set up a Stripe or PayPal link and share it with those you think might be interested.

You can market your class like any other local event, even if participants are from across the globe. Share it on your social media accounts and Nextdoor. You can also send out emails, and ask your family and friends to help promote it.

Create ebooks like “How to.”

Does the idea of getting in front of the camera make you shudder? How about using a pen and paper or keyboard to make money from side hustle jobs?

Again, all we need is expertise in something. You are not required to be an authority on a topic, either. You just have to be more knowledgeable than at least one other person, and you will appear like a guru to them.

An ebook is a brilliant way to disperse your knowledge in one place. Whether you are sharing sewing tips, how to master magic tricks, or the tools to start a remote business, the process will be similar. Start with a primary theme or idea and discover how you can break the teaching process into smaller and focused sections.

Once you have crafted your content, you can use tools like Reedsy to format your ebook, choosing layouts, fonts, and other details. When you feel satisfied with your ebook’s look, you can upload it to a distributor free of cost. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Smashwords are among the popular and easy methods to publish your book online.

Your ebook will be an evergreen source to make money. People may find it even after years—an excellent reason to periodically update yours with fresh content. So ebook is among the fantastic side hustle jobs you can think of.

Tell the World about Unique Experience

Have you achieved or done something you consider unusual? Perhaps you participated in a competition or sailed aboard in one of the world’s few tall ships?

Magazines and websites are always searching for additional content. However, you can share posts directly to a website like www.medium.com. Medium is accessible to kick-off, even if you have no writing credentials to your name. The blogging platform is astonishingly user-friendly, and every story you post can be put behind Medium’s paywall. When people read and relate to it, you get paid.

Are you an ardent book fan? The Chicken Soup for the Soul series routinely holds calls for submissions. If your unique story fits, they want you to pitch and offer money to share your story. Also, you can say you have published in a book, and that’s pretty cool. So, tell your story and make money online.

Start your Podcast

make money online

Podcasts continue to grow exponentially. With people mainly staying at home, there is an enormous opportunity to start your podcast as a side hustle. We have resources on podcasting, whether and want to learn, and how to make money through podcasting or need tips on recording.

You can monetize your podcast by reaching out to sponsors using a website like Podcorn. The website curates opportunities for you. What fewer people realize and take benefit of is that podcasting is two-way traffic.

Think like this: every guest you get to your podcast is an opportunity to network. Whether you have 1 or 1,000 downloads per episode, you are reaping a chance to meet someone you may not have ever otherwise. That can lead to interesting conversations or additional freelance jobs down the road.

Almost nobody will say ‘no’ to appear on your podcast. It is an opportunity for them to promote their business or brand, and they will feel honored you thought to onboard them. You can directly reach out to people you want or browse online communities like SpotaGuest and Facebook groups.

Bonus tip: these communities are a place to find guests, and they offer a built-in audience for your show.

Sell your Trade or Craft

If you are a wordsmith or an artist, you can set up an online store in several ways. Shopify, Etsy, and Printful are among the most popular e-commerce sites, and you can adopt print-on-demand services. That suggests you don’t need to pile inventory, and you only pay for materials when someone buys your product.

Is it true that you are musically inclined? Have a generally soundproof space to play in? You can record and produce music all from the solace of home and discharge it as a “Lounge chair Sessions” YouTube arrangement or as a collection on Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming services.

Last Word

While some musicians are playing hits from the back catalog, others are focusing on flexing their creative muscles. If you are a musician, a small-scale manufacturer, or a writer, every creativity has some share in the pie of side hustle jobs. So, what are you waiting for? Have some soul search, pick one craft you have interest in, and start to make money online.

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