10 Effective Blogging Tips to Make Money Online in 2021

make money online

‘Blogging’ has become a craze to make money online. Even with free and sophisticated systems made available, everyone is giving it a try. Sadly though, not all bloggers are getting success. They are ignoring search engines and few readers are finding them. That is bad because the topics and style of writing of these blogs are not up to the mark.


While blogs related to the business are generally spurred towards selling products and services, they are badly managed as personal blogs. Either way, without significant optimization, neither a personal nor business blog will be successful to make money online.


Skipping search engine optimization is a fatal error; even if you have a huge following and are financially savvy. Even though you are successful, your glory won’t last much unless you grow further. So, there are always others who are vying for your audience.


Blog Optimization


There are multiple reasons why blog optimization is different than the Search Engine Optimization techniques to make money online. Most blogs are listed on public or free blog platforms or run on someone else’s domain. Depending upon the hosting, this poses drawbacks, which can affect your ranking.


It might not seem obvious; however, the blog template you use is quite important. The layout might be appealing to you or to your readers; however, that does not suggest search engines like it. Your rankings will suffer if your layout is not search-engine savvy.


Don’t simply optimize to boost your fans; however, you also need to upgrade your blogs to make money online. Use useful tools to work with, and make the viewing experience as enjoyable as possible for viewers. If users get hooked, they will spread the word, which is the best way to grow organically.


Optimizing is one of these tasks that should be found on everyone’s maintenance list. Even blog sites scoring high rankings, and appealing to many loyal readers should not let opportunities to grow slip by. You have to constantly check and fix, so the competition does not sneak up on you. Indeed, slow down and your glory days are over.


Applying the following optimizing tips can be very useful in pleasing both the search engines and your users.


#1 Chuck your default template

Find some spare funds to hire an experienced designer to successfully make money online in 2021. With a fabulous, original look, your blog will stand out and definitely achieve better rankings. If funds a tight and you are unable to hire a professional, at least customize your template with distinctive logos, unique pictures, and color upgrades.


#2 Avoid unflattering colors

Despite your personal preferences, hot pink spiced up with neon yellow may not exactly be what your readers find attractive. If you are hosting a survival blog page and not some teenage gossip column, color scheme matter a lot.

Be smart and select color schemes that fit the theme and topics of your text. For instance, softer tones go well for baby and parenting sites, while a dark background may look cool on video gaming sites.


#3 Really Simple Syndication

RSS is a great feature to have and prevents your followers from ever missing your posts.  Hosting blogs that don’t offer it are at a real disadvantage with respect to make money online in 2021. Add it as soon as you can and ensure the logo is quite visible. If you are tucking it away in a corner underneath all your entries, or place it on your least popular page, it will be virtually useless.


#4 Be generous with your subscription buttons

Fans often want to subscribe to a newsletter or blog. Consequently, they will be looking for the familiar orange RSS logo, as well as other standard icons found on blog sites. Check out similar blogs to yours so you know what kind of links, subscription features, and social network sites are currently in demand.


# 5 Expand with Email

Not everyone uses RSS. Therefore, offer those readers, and others who are interested the option to receive your blog posts by email. If you don’t have the time to send out these automatic blog updates, don’t worry. Many online services can do it for you to make money online.

make money online

#6 Full Or Partial Feeds?

Depending on your blogging market space, you will have to decide if you are offering full or partial feeds. Before making your final choice, consider your preferences, as well as those of your readers.


#7 Write compelling RSS snippets

Don’t just copy a few words from your blog post for your RSS feed, but write a short, yet compelling piece that will pique your reader’s curiosity. If you have the talent, you could even end your snippet with a cliffhanger.


#8 Format your text properly

Readers are turned off by small fonts and text that is not properly broken down. Nobody wants to read a piece formatted in one big block. Break your text down into short paragraphs and use bullets whenever possible. Use a font that is easy to read.


#9 Use your spell check

Abbreviations are appropriate for text messages and tweets, but should not be used in blogs – unless they are an illustration. Even in this day and age, spelling is still important to use your spell check before publishing your daily ramblings. Don’t ignore it as readers will get frustrated and cancel their subscription. In case you are wondering; editors can also catch typos.


#10 Don’t forget your roadmap

Blogs that are part of a large website or important company should incorporate a navigation bar. Without site navigation, readers will be unable to link to the main pages – and vice versa. A well-laid-out directory can help increase revenue and promote your blogs.

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