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Gwadar Cricket Stadium

Is Gwadar Cricket Stadium the Most Stunning in the Cricketing World?

Gwadar Cricket Stadium Cricket is a sport that has been blessed with some scenic venues. Be it Newlands Cape Town in South Africa, Galle in Sri Lanka, Mount Maunganui in …


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recover files from a dead laptop

How to Recover Files from a Dead Laptop – Two Best Methods

You perhaps didn’t know that when your super useful laptop dies, your files necessarily are not lost. Also, you can (through wires) recover your precious data from a dead laptop. …


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Sports In Pakistan

Top Five Most Popular Sports In Pakistan

Popular sport in each country: Pakistan loves to play sports. However, the love for sports is not restricted to one or two sports. Although hockey is the country’s national sports; …

Five Most Popular Sports in Thailand


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Best places to visit in Pakistan - Pakistan is among those countries that offer natural beauty. The best places of Pakistan offer lush green landscapes, mesmerizing mountain peaks, and archaeological places for curious travelers. There is so much to look for from the best adventure destination. Unfortunately because of the negative image Pakistan portrays through the press, it is vastly untouched by western tourism. From some numerous travels, we have compiled together what we suspect is the best places to visit in Pakistan. So, without wasting any further time, let's dive in... Chitral – Among the Top Best Places to Visit in Pakistan Nestled under a fertile valley of the mighty Tirich Mir, Chitral is 7,700m above sea level. It is among the highest peaks in the Hindu Kush. Chitral is a cozy valley, inhabited by warm and welcoming people. You can see a lively bazaar and several restaurants and stalls are run by Afghan refugees. This leads via its center to the small airstrip at one end while the polo field at the other. The old yet unique mud fort, scene of the popular British siege, rest on the banks of the Chitral River next to the Shahi Mosque. Also, you can see hot springs of the Kalash Valleys, Garam Chashma, Mastuj, and the Shandor Pass are all accessible. Chitral is uniquely developed and has its own particular feel. The charm is what you must experience for yourself. Fairy Meadows Pakistan is among the best places to visit in Pakistan due to beautiful range of mountains and fairy meadows is no different. It is blessed with areas of unmatched beauty. Also, Fairy Meadows can be considered as among the beautiful places in Pakistan and the overall region. It is a must on every traveler’s list of places to visit in Pakistan. This peak needs hiking of approx. three hours; however, the Nanga Parbat view, the 8,000m+ Killer Mountain are pretty rewarding. You can have the best natural view of Nanga Parbat from Fairy Meadows if you comfortably sit in a cozy log cabin. Gilgit Gilgit is situated within the Gilgit Baltistan region and is no postcard town at all. Encircled via stark black mountains it holds the oppressive feeling of a place that is cut-off from the rest of the globe. However, after the opening of the Kunjarab Pass and the Karakoram Highway, the historic trade route between the subcontinent and China has progressed. Also, it is giving rise to the teeming market packed with animals, people, and strange goods. It is a superb place to see frontier polo; a spectacular view of sport where few, rules apply. Hunza Hunza is also among the mesmerizing places to visit in Pakistan that lies on the old Silk Road to Kashgar. Today, the Karakoram Highway follows a similar route along with Karimabad being Hunza’s main town. This mountainous region was a semi-autonomous state and is now unified with Pakistan. Hunza is named after Prince Karim Agha Khan who is the spiritual leader of the Shia Ismaili Nizari community. Hunza is among the beautiful regions of Pakistan. Cricket, which is Pakistan's national sport is played here as the people are famed for their hospitality and friendliness you may be asked to play a few overs. The major language here is Brushuski although many people understand English and Urdu. The majority of the Hunza population are Ismaili Muslims. Islamabad Islamabad was given the status of Pakistan’s capital in 1967. Karachi was the first capital of Pakistan. Relatively a young city compared to others, Islamabad suffers from being somewhat characterless and is usually used as a gateway to the rest of Pakistan. However, it is the best place from which to visit the bustling markets of Rawalpindi along with the Buddhist ruins at Taxila. Islamabad boasts some interesting scenic sites such as the Islamabad monument, Faisal Mosque, and Lok Virsa. As the diplomatic center and capital of Pakistan, it is home to some of Pakistan’s best restaurants and hotels. Khunjerab Pass The majestic peak on the Karakoram Highway and the highest border crossing in the world, Khunjerab Pass lies 4,693 meters above sea level. It straddles the frontier between Pakistan and the Chinese Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Situated amongst the most spectacular mountainous landscapes on the planet, the Khunjerab pass was completed in 1982. It links Pakistan’s desert barren wastes with the high fertile altitude and plateau of the Chinese side. The pass has the grazing herds of sheep and yaks. All in all you can’t strike-off this place among the best places to visit in Pakistan.

6 Best Places to Visit in Pakistan

Best Places To Visit In Pakistan 2021 Best places to visit in Pakistan – Pakistan is among those countries that offer natural beauty. The best places of Pakistan offer lush …


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Best Movies and TV Shows for Free

7starHD – Find All the Best Movies and TV Shows for Free

Best Movies and TV Shows for Free Best Movies and TV Shows for Free 7StarHD movies is a free movie streaming platform, featuring all types of latest Hindi Bollywood dubbed …